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Summer days…

on August 2, 2011

For years, I could never understand why moms complained about kids being off on summer vacation and why they were so excited for school to start again in the fall. For me, the start of summer meant the end to routines, having to be somewhere at a given day or time and just being able to relax and not run out the door every day, pushing kids out and pulling little ones behind you. And the start of the school year meant the rat race would start again, not to mention that I really miss them when they go back to school. However, I seem to have recently seen where these moms were coming from.

When school got out, we left for a week long driving vacation and had a blissful time, enjoying the early days of summer vacation and no schedules. When we arrived home, everyone agreed what a great vacation it was and also how happy we all were to sleep in our own beds. We all slept late and took our time getting breaky and cleaning up…it was great! Then it started… “what are we going to do now?”, and they were none-too-happy when I replied with “…run to Costco to grab some groceries…”. As my older two complained about having to help me get everything put away and my younger two started running around the house chasing each other, I found myself wishing for my mornings with no one in the house but me and I was astonished to realize I was thinking about routines, when I’m always wishing we could get away from them! As I’m on the phone with my husband, venting the tiniest little bit (!), I suddenly realized the difference between me and the other moms: they didn’t have little ones at home with them everyday and for many years, I did. The difference for me now was that I no longer had little ones at home during the year and was missing the “breaks” the school year afforded me!

I immediately felt terribly guilty for thinking, even just for a second, that the school year might not be so bad, piled the younger ones in the car and said yes when they asked me to buy the super big box of jumbo freezies!


Any thoughts?

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