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Sympathizing with the old lady in the shoe….

on August 9, 2011

The problem:  Our house is too small.  Granted, I’m sure we have too much stuff in our house that is too small, but it’s too small, nonetheless.    When we bought this house 9 years ago, we were a family of four, with one on the way and truly felt it would always be big enough for us.  Even when we became a family of 5 and then 6, everyone had their own room and the arrangement was perfect for a family with small children.  Now, however, I find myself irritated…no storage space and no ‘hiding’ spots!

The dilemma:  To move or to add on?  At first, I told myself to be happy with what we have.  Then came the realization that given the number and physical size (which is only going to increase!) of our kids, the crowded feeling is only going to get worse!  Logically, our next thought was to start looking for a bigger house (or at least, one with more storage space).   Well, deciding to move with small children, albeit a lot of work, is so much easier than doing so with older children.  Younger kids really don’t have any issues with where you live, as long as they’re with mom and dad.  Older children, however, want to stay close to friends, not change schools and stay in the house they’ve called home for so long.  Part of me can’t blame them – I too, have a hard time thinking about leaving the house where really, they’ve all grown up.  And then there’s the issue of the “devil you know vs the devil you don’t know” and by that, I mean neighbors!  We love our neighbors and as much as we are feeling like more space is a necessity right now, we’re more than a little apprehensive that if/when we move, we might regret leaving what we already know and love.  So, we then started to consider that perhaps we could add on to our current house…solves the problem of space, moving, neighbours, schools, etc., but adds the problem of house value for the neighborhood, living through a reno (which I’m sure can’t be easy and will be the topic of many future blogs!) and the mess! Oh my!!  So many decisions…and we’re not so good at making them!

The solution:  That’s what we’re looking for…should we add to the shoe, or move to a boot where we’ll have more room?  I’d love to hear from anyone who can shed some light on this and let me know what option you’d pick!


Any thoughts?

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