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Coffee with Granny

on February 21, 2013

My grandmother is 84 years old and lives right around the corner.  Several years ago, we decided we’d make a standing coffee date…she was getting older and finding it harder to get out on her own, so by setting a day/time every week, I’d be sure to fit in the time for a visit and she’d get her much-needed time out of the house.  That woman loves to people watch!  When my mom (her daughter) retired last year, she started coming with us and every now and then, one or two of the other sisters (there are 5 in total) will pop in to join us for a cup of java.

Last week, my 15yo had just finished his exams, so I asked him to join us…Granny LOVES men (I wouldn’t quite consider him a man yet, myself, but he’s tall enough and his voice is low enough that she considers him as such, I’m sure!) and I knew she’d be tickled pink to see him.  We walked into Starbucks (our typical gathering spot, since it’s inside a Chapters where there are more people and babies to watch) and Granny’s face lit up when she saw him! After a few minutes of quiet conversation, in walks a man and woman (did I mention she loves men and doesn’t miss checking them out…and yes, she’s almost 85!!) and it wasn’t two seconds before she spied him…”now there’s a handsome piece of meat!” she says to my son and he’s in stitches…I told him he should have been here the day the police officer came in (she loves a “man in a uniform”!)  And so it began…and continued for the next hour, until (as ‘luck’ would have it) a policeman walks in the door.  Granny caught sight of him and leaned in to my 15yo “now, if I was to be arrested, I certainly wouldn’t mind if he was the one doing it!”…again, setting him into a fit of giggles (yes, she had the 15yo BOY giggling like a schoolgirl!).  We had to drag her out of there (almost litertally!), but not before she caught sight of another gentleman, apparently not as gifted in the looks department, since she asked us if we had seen the man with the “face like a foot”!!  I told her if she didn’t quiet down, I was going to toss her over my shoulder and run her to the car!

How lucky am I to have a grandmother with such a young and fun sense of humour?!?  Very blessed, indeed.


Any thoughts?

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