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My World (Written by my very talented 13yo daughter!)

on February 23, 2013

My World

In my world there and things that are new.
Fairies and dragons, but normal things too.
Sparkling rivers and sparkling skies,
Soft grass and smooth rocks and annoying flies.

There are singing birds and barking dogs,
Broken branches and fallen logs.

There are also forests, dark and dense,
Full of mystery and suspense.
The trees have lots of leaves and an armour of bark,
Perhaps that’s what makes the forest so dark.

This forest is home to lots of creatures, you see.
All made up by yours truly, me!

Shiny fish, with shining scales,
And yes, there are dragons, but different from tales.
These ones are over twenty feet tall,
And are shining and beautiful, with the scales and all,
But despite the stories, they don’t feel at all.
They can’t feel happiness, anger or pride.
And I’m sure that they’ve tried.
But this is the way I want them to be,
And this is my word, it’s all made by me!

In My World there is lots of fun to be had,
Dragon riding and flying doesn’t sound too bad!

I love my world, and all there is to see,
But the best part of all, is that it belongs to me.


Any thoughts?

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