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Our Dragon Adventure

on April 14, 2013

In our house, everyday life of excitement and craziness seems to be constant, but I think last week takes the cake…our 10yo daughter and 8yo son (Langley and Macguire) pitched to the dragons on CBC’s Dragons’ Den!

The show had held open auditions in Halifax, back in February and we encouraged Langley to sign up and pitch a great idea she had come up with just a month before (Sticky).  She agreed, as long as Macguire (her “wing man”) went too.  They did an excellent job with their pitch and were very excited to be able to say they had done it.  After a big treat, many hugs and high-fives, on we went with life in our busy household and out of our minds it (2)

So…we’re on our way back from a little March break skiing trip and had pulled into a gas station for a bathroom break, having had just crossed the border. We were checking our messages and were at various stages of getting out of the car (picture the clown car at the circus where they just seem to keep on coming and coming…), when Tim (hubby) called me over, holding out his phone.  It was open to an email from a producer of Dragons’ Den, saying he wanted to get in touch with the creator of “Sticky”… I nearly chocked!

When we turned to tell the kids about the email, I thought they might pass out!  They were going to Toronto to pitch to the dragons! We had to pick a pitch date as soon as possible and after many “woots” and hollars from the older two (not to mention a few “are you kidding me?!?” moments), Langley and Macguire decided they wanted to do it (we told them no pressure, the decision was theirs) and picked April 3rd for the BIG day! Given that it was the end of March at this point, we had 2 weeks to get them ready…oh my!

After the initial shock wore off, I wrote their pitch, we were assigned producer and we started practicing.  The first call with our producer, Matt, was a bit “iffy” …the kids hadn’t really given the pitch any thought since the audition and were a bit quiet on the phone, to say the least.  We assured him they’d be more than ready to go for our next call and they didn’t disappoint!  One week later, their pitch was locked down, as were the answers to most of the questions we thought they might be asked in the den.  Matt was super happy with their progress and very excited for them. He gave them some pointers, and told them he’d see them next week and that he hoped the dragons were ready!

Fast forward to pitch day when the morning came very quickly…the alarm went off at 5:30…ugh! We left the hotel at 6:35am to run down the street (had lots of time really, but it was freezing…and I had a dream we were late and were disqualified! L), dragging their pitch stuff and enough food to feed a small city, since they told us to be prepared to wait for us to 10 hours! Good news when we got off the elevator… we were up first (I was relieved, but Langley felt a little faint!)!  The kids helped them set everything up, went through a few practice pitches, had a quick tour of the new set, got “miked-up”, someone breezed by with powder for their little faces, and they were ready.  Then came the anxiety rush…30 seconds before they were to walk on the set, we got “the look” and big, huge crocodile tears fell from Langley’s beautiful eyes!  I think our producer was a little worried, but it’s her way to release everything pent up inside.  She took some deep breaths (as did the woman waiting to lead them up the stairs onto the set) and after a few more tears squeaked out, she was ready to go, as was Macguire, who really couldn’t understand why she was nervous in the first place…J  Matt reminded them to make sure they had fun, they walked up the stairs and away they went!

Of course, I can’t say what happed in the den, but I can say how great they were and oh my goodness, were they great!  I’m always a super proud mom, but I can’t even begin to describe how amazed and proud I was at how composed and mature those two children were (at 10 and 8 years old) during their entire pitch.  The dragons were very sweet to them and the kids sounded like they had known them all for years.  Overall, a very positive experience, one they will be able to tell their children and grandchildren all about!  Now we have to wait patiently until the fall to find out if those producers at CBC are smart enough to pick our kiddos’ pitch to air on the show…we’ll keep you posted! J


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