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Stay in the Photo!

on April 19, 2013

I’ve often joked with my mom friends about how few photos we were in with our kids… our standing joke was that if anything happened to us (the moms), the kids would never remember we even existed! A tad morbid, perhaps (we really were only joking about the “something happening to us” bit), but true nonetheless… I was always the one taking the photos, making sure there were photos to document the events, vacations, and fun times we had together as a family… and there are lots!DSC_0089

Fast forward a few years and articles start popping up about moms being in the photos… or rather, not being in the photos… for a variety of reasons. My husband and I started laughing about how true it is… his grandmother used to actually cut her face out of all photos of her! For me, my lack of appearance in the photos was because I was usually the photographer, but many moms (as the one in this fabulous article by Allison Tate…) avoid the camera because they don’t want proof of how they looked on this or that particular day. Whatever your reason, it’s really important more moms make a point to stay in the photo! Your kids will want to have photo memories of the things you did together, either for their own enjoyment, or to be able to one day show their kids. And what about the memories you made when your kids were too young to remember doing anything… that’s an even better reason to make sure you’re in there! Our kids don’t care how tired we looked, how much over or under weight we are/were at any given time… to them, you’re their wonderful mother and that’s why you should stay in the photo! Let’s face it, moms are very often the reason families do anything fun or memorable – we deserve to be in those memories!


Any thoughts?

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