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“They bury dead people?!!?”

on April 22, 2013

Here’s a conversation between me and my (then) 4yo on the way to swimming class one day as we passed by a graveyard:

4yo: Mom, what’s that?

Me (answering very matter-of-factly): Oh, that’s a graveyard.

4yo: What’s a graveyard?

Me (again, answering very matter-of-factly):  It’s where the bury dead people.

4yo (incredulously!): THEY BURY DEAD PEOPLE?!?

Me (laughing at the tone of his question): Well, yes, they do.

4yo (Still in total disbelief): WHY do they bury dead people?!?

Me (now laughing harder at how surprised he is): Well, what else would they do with them?

4yo: Ah, just leave them on the ground…?

Me (now I’m in a fit of laughter, picturing all the dead people lying around on the ground in the graveyard and what a horrific sight that would be!):  Ah, they can’t do that…be pretty gross…

4yo: Why would it be gross?

Me (now looking up at the sky, wondering how far this conversation is going to go before he’s satisfied with the answer): Well, it would make quite a mess if they left the dead people lying around, no one would know who was who…the stones tell who the people are that are buried there, so people can visit them later, know when they died, stuff like that.

4yo (again, in total shock): WHY would anyone want to VISIT a DEAD person?!?

Me (desperately trying to finish the conversation at this point, instead of falling into the huge hole I seemed to be digging): Well, sometimes people like to bring flowers to put on the graves…makes them feel better.

4yo: Oh, ok.

Conversation over…yes!

Fast forward 7 years when my youngest (then around the same age) and I are in the car on our way to hockey practice and we pass by a graveyard:

Other 4yo: Mom, what’s that?

Me (laughing, remembering the conversation I had 7 years ago): That’s a graveyard.

Other 4yo: What’s a graveyard?

Me: It’s where they bury dead people.


And so it went, almost the exact conversation I had with his brother, 7 years before, one I never would have even thought to have. Always so enlightening to see a child’s take on things that we, as adults, never give a second thought.


Any thoughts?

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