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Looking Up

on May 22, 2013

He’s taller than me.

And she’s almost taller than me.

When did THAT happen?!?

I have to say, one thing that I am having a very difficult time with (there are many, but in this post, I’ll stick to just this one!) is the idea of my children passing me in height…one’s already there and now I have another one hot on my tail!

When I first had our beautiful, little bambinos, they were all so tiny (especially the first one, who was a preemie) and never in a million years did the idea of me looking up at them ever cross my mind. Never. And for years (15, to be exact), I continued to look down…now I’m looking up and I don’t like it.


I can’t even explain why it bothers me. I’m not short, not tall, quite average, I would say. I’ve been taller than my mother since I was about 12 or 13, but she’s only 5′, so that really wasn’t much of an accomplishment and given that I’ve been the “tall” one in my family, as far as the females go, I guess I just always assumed the kids and I would be the same height. Completely unrealistic, I know…but I think that’s it. The day we measured (back to back, the others all watching with excitement) and determined my 15yo had actually passed me, I was hit with this heavy, sad feeling. I guess it might have made me feel less of the “supermom” I’ve spent many years trying to be…how can I be a “supermom”, saving him from everything, when he’s bigger than me?!? (Maybe, too, it might have a teensy bit to do with the control freak in me…but I’d rather not go there!) I guess perhaps it happens on purpose because the older he gets, the less I’m supposed to  be there to save him and the more he’s supposed to learn to save himself. Interesting.

In any case, I think it’s something I’ll have to get used to…as I said, the 13yo is quickly approaching (her legs almost reach my waist, I swear!) and then there are two more bringing up the rear, who I’m sure will overtake me before I know it!

Anyone else out there feeling anything similar as their kids are rapidly growing up?


3 responses to “Looking Up

  1. Chelle says:

    My oldest is quickly, and quite proudly approaching my height. She is in such a hurry to grow up. I remember clearing that feeling an I wish I could make her realize that being young and a kid is so so better!

    I think I will go through a similar process as you when she passes my height.

  2. mommiediary says:

    I know the feeling! My 10 year old daughter is almost as tall as I am. I’m only 5 feet so I kind of expect my kids to be taller me, just not so soon:(

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