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5 Things I Miss about Living in New Hampshire

When my husband finished his master’s, he got a job in New Hampshire. As Canadians (particularly, East Coast Canadians), this was a pretty big deal and a little scary to be moving to a new country, with a 1yo! As it turned out, we spent 4 wonderful years there and it was a truly a great experience for all of us…our family grew from 3 to 4, we made some wonderful friends and think it is one of the nicest places to live.

In spite of how much we loved it, it still wasn’t home. When we were about to become a family of 5, we moved back to Halifax. We’ve been here now for almost 12 years (!), but miss many things about the Granite State:

1. No tax (my absolute favourite…shocker, I know!) – No state income tax and no sales tax. We paid just 11% federal income tax when we were there and could even write off the interest on our mortgage (no can do in Canada)…ahhh, memories…le sigh!  NH blog photo.jpg

2. Sticks of butter – I was baking the other day and the recipe called for a ‘stick’ of butter. I sighed. I miss sticks of butter…so easy to bake with and no need to measure. Butter is sold in a huge blocks here …sticks are hard to find.

3. Saturday mail delivery (and ‘media’ postage!) – Coming from Canada, the US postal service was like a dream come true! And image only having to pay $2 to send any kind of book, no matter how heavy! Canada Post could take a few lessons!

4. Proximity to everything – 1hr to Boston, 3 hrs to NYC….here in Halifax, we are 12 hrs to Boston and 15 hrs to NYC, not to mention is costs a small fortune to fly anywhere from here!

5. Spring! – Loved the spring in New England…Spring was a real season and the temps steadily increased as the days went on and winter went away…ahhhhh! Here in Nova Scotia, Mother Nature is “spring challenged” and it sometimes takes until June for her to realize we’re not in winter anymore!

Do you miss anything about somewhere you used to live?  Any chance you’d go back?


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