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6 Ways to get Them to Flush!

Seriously. What is up with that?! How many times have I gone in to use the bathroom only to find the toilet not flushed? It’s like my kids have an adversion to flushing the toilet! No amount of my prodding, reminding, yelling (I try not to do that one, but c’mon man, I’m only human!) and even trying to be funny about it will convince them it has to be done. Even “Oh look! Someone left me something in here!” doesn’t work…makes them laugh, but flush the toilet? Not so much. I can’t understand why it doesn’t gross them out to go in and find a “present” there themselves! Sadly, they don’t seem to notice.

So, desperate times, call for desperate measures. I’ve come up with these 6 ways to get them to flush (keeping in mind my kids are all over 9 now, so I’m not being mean):

1. Put a sticky note on the wall behind the toilet: PLEASE FLUSH!!

2. Write lipstick notes on the bathroom mirrors: FLUSH THE TOILET??…to remind them while they’re washing their hands.


These weren’t particularly helpful for my kids after the first week or so, so I’m bringing out the big guns!

3. Tell them they have to use the bathrooms when they’re not at home because they are not allowed to use the ones in the house without flushing. Haa!

4. Make them go outside. Tell them if they don’t start flushing the toilet, they will have to use the bathroom out in the yard (that one didn’t really phase my 9yo boy, but it grabbed the attention of the 14yo and 16yo!).

5. Duct tape the toilet! This one will be great for the kids who think you’re joking and go in to use it anyway…wrap that puppy up so they CAN’T use it! Haa again!! (Although, this might make it difficult for you and your husband to use it when you need too…rats!)

6. Lock the bathroom door from the inside! (and then hope your kids aren’t like mine and figure out how to “card” the door!

<sigh> OK, I know this is all normal kid stuff and I’m thinking this might be a battle better left un-fought….but I had a great time plotting to fix it! LOL!

Anyone have any other ideas??

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